Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF Wave

My Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse build a figure wave came in today from Big Bad Toy Store and it is a sweet set! Storm is perfect. I was worried about Psylocke because she had black hair in all of the promotional shots but mine arrived with the correct purple hue. I wish Madrox would have had his green t-shirt look from the Peter David X-Factor run and I’m unhappy with the continual re-use of his coat, but I’m otherwise OK with him. Wolverine is good, but I just didn’t want to get yet another Wolverine. Gladiator is awesome! I’m not a fan of the costume choice on Magneto, but it’s a great figure. I’m not fond of Sabretooth. I would have been fine with keeping the old Toy Biz figure. And finally, Apocalypse is perfect. Overall, a great set of figures that I’m happy to add to my collection.


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That One Time I Was In A Comic

Ultimate Spider-Man #87 is a comic book I distinctly remember reading. It is cover dated February, 2006, which means it actually came out late November/early December 2005. The comic featured Silver Sable and the Wild Pack. Silver Sable was a bit less sympathetic in the Ultimate Universe. Here she was more of a mercenary than a freedom fighter. As cool as Ultimate Silver Sable was, though, there was another reason I so clearly remember my first time with this book. Mary Jane was still reeling from the breakup she had with Peter. In this issue she learns of his new romance with Kitty Pryde. While I did enjoy that development (Kitty being my favorite comic character and all), it wasn’t what made reading this comic so unforgettable. It definitely wasn’t the Ultimate Vision story, either. John Romita Jr is my all time favorite artist, but that story was a whole lot of no thank you.
Ultimate Spider-Man #87

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My Most Prized Comic Books

My prized comics, most of which are signed

Uncanny X-Men #275 – I found this issue in a flea market about 14 years ago. It’s from Finland. It’s since been signed by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams. This one is special to me mostly because of the origin of its publication and the signatures. I might add its also a part of my second favorite X-Men storyline ever. I still get chills when Magneto makes his final choice to turn back on his reformed ways as he closes his fist.

Uncanny X-Men #275

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