My Most Prized Comic Books

My prized comics, most of which are signed

Uncanny X-Men #275 – I found this issue in a flea market about 14 years ago. It’s from Finland. It’s since been signed by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams. This one is special to me mostly because of the origin of its publication and the signatures. I might add its also a part of my second favorite X-Men storyline ever. I still get chills when Magneto makes his final choice to turn back on his reformed ways as he closes his fist.

Uncanny X-Men #275

Excalibur The Sword Is Drawn – This is a first printing of the premiere of Excalibur and its signed by Chris Claremont and Alan Davis. This copy is in pretty much perfect condition.  I do still have my original worn out copy, complete with my name scribbled on the inside cover. I tracked this one down after reading the third issue of the series and becoming HOOKED on all things X-Men. I was thrilled to find this book and issue one still on the rack at the local Safeway.  I eventually tracked down the second issue at a comic shop and it became my very first back issue purchase.

Uncanny X-Men #210
Excalibur: The Sword Is Drawn









Uncanny X-Men #210 – When I was younger this was one of those comics that I thought I would never get my hands on. Any issue that was a part of the Mutant Massacre crossover was considerably marked up. My only hope was that they would put the story in a trade paperback, or just wait till Classic X-Men reprints caught up. Many many years later I found this copy in a flea market for five bucks. The cover is just so awesome. And it’s somewhat bittersweet, as this was the end of this particular line up of X-Men.  A lineup that had been around for a very long time.  John Romita Jr signed this copy for me at the Dallas Comic Con a few years ago.

Groo The Wanderer #5 – More about my fondness of this book can be found here.

Uncanny X-Men #125

Uncanny X-Men #125 – I first read this comic in Classic X-Men 31. I can’t really describe how and why I love this book and the three issues that follow so much.  I’m not sure if it’s nostalgia or if it’s really THAT great of a story.  Something about it, though; the art work, the characterization, the threat, the plot threads that were building towards other things, that beautiful John Byrne art hidden behind that greatest of all Dave Cockrum covers.  It’s just the best. It really does it for me.  This one has Chris Claremont’s signature on the cover.

Groo The Wanderer #1 – All of the signatures on these comics aside from the John Romita Jr one on Uncanny X-Men 110 were not obtained by me personally. I’ve only been to two big cons.  One in 2003 (Wizard World Chicago) and one a few years ago (Dallas Comic Con).  The rest of the signatures were gained by my close friend Joseph who has gone to the San Diego Comic Con for the past eleven years. I keep telling myself I’m going to go one of these years, but life kinda gets in the way. (Though it looks like next year will be the year I finally go! Yay 2019!) I’m extremely grateful to him for taking a few comics of mine to get signed every year that he’s gone. This one he got for me at the most recent Nerd Mardi Gras. Sergio Aragones is a master and Groo is a comic masterpiece that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.  I love this signature so much!  It looks like it belongs on the cover.  Just perfect.  I hope I get to meet him in person some day.

Uncanny X-Men #129 – No signature on this one. This is one comic I tried for years to get my hands on.  And it’s probably the most I’ve spent on one single comic.  The tag says $60, but I managed to talk the dealer ten dollars off the price. Anyone who has followed my blog for awhile probably has already figured out why this one is so special to me.  It’s somewhat obvious Kitty Pryde is my favorite character.  The reasoning is probably because of her role in the books that pulled me in.  The two series that pulled me into the X-Men most were Excalibur and Classic X-Men.  At the time it was harder to me to get into Uncanny because this was during Inferno and I was (understandably) at a bit of a loss as to what was going on there. Kitty was very prominent in both titles. In Classic, I was getting to see the character from the start.  I felt like I was on the same journey, learning about the X-Men through the eyes of a character not too much older than me, experiencing this stuff for the first time.  And over in Excalibur, she was already established and her personality fully formed.  She was the heart of the team and had the best wit and snarky comments of them all. So really, the only reasoning behind this issue being so important to me is that it’s Kitty’s first appearance.  When I bought it, another person that worked the booth said to me, “Nice buy!  First appearance of Emma Frost!”

Uncanny X-Men #129

Excalibur #3Here is a post that describes in detail the importance of this issue to me.

Uncanny X-Men #153 – Kitty’s Fairy Tale.  Come on.  How can this one NOT be in high regard?!?!? No signature.  This is just a great, cherished book.

Uncanny X-Men #153