My Most Prized Comic Books

My prized comics, most of which are signed

Uncanny X-Men #275 – I found this issue in a flea market about 14 years ago. It’s from Finland. It’s since been signed by Chris Claremont, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams. This one is special to me mostly because of the origin of its publication and the signatures. I might add its also a part of my second favorite X-Men storyline ever. I still get chills when Magneto makes his final choice to turn back on his reformed ways as he closes his fist.

Uncanny X-Men #275

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A GROOvy Introduction

This comic changed my life. Groo The Wanderer #5, published by the Epic imprint by Marvel Comics. It’s cover date is July 1985.

The one that got me hooked.

I distinctly remember buying this. Or rather, I remember my mother buying it for me. It was at the now long gone Walden Books at the Hot Springs Mall. There was a spinner rack and my mother told me I could buy one comic book. No other books stood out to me. Spider-Man was battling Toads and Frogs on his book. Wolverine was threatening to skewer a young child on the cover of Uncanny X-Men. Superman was super pissed at the Red Tornado for some reason. And that was the month that Secret Wars II was unleashed on an unsuspecting (and undeserving) public. Continue reading “A GROOvy Introduction”