Marvel Legends Apocalypse BAF Wave

My Marvel Legends X-Men Apocalypse build a figure wave came in today from Big Bad Toy Store and it is a sweet set! Storm is perfect. I was worried about Psylocke because she had black hair in all of the promotional shots but mine arrived with the correct purple hue. I wish Madrox would have had his green t-shirt look from the Peter David X-Factor run and I’m unhappy with the continual re-use of his coat, but I’m otherwise OK with him. Wolverine is good, but I just didn’t want to get yet another Wolverine. Gladiator is awesome! I’m not a fan of the costume choice on Magneto, but it’s a great figure. I’m not fond of Sabretooth. I would have been fine with keeping the old Toy Biz figure. And finally, Apocalypse is perfect. Overall, a great set of figures that I’m happy to add to my collection.


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Best Comic Book Ever Made (To Me)

Open with a prison somewhere in England.  A supervillianess in leopard print named Vixen is busting in with her cronies to free the Juggernaut.  He’s tearing through the walls, letting free a variety of no good doers in the process.  Then suddenly POW!  Captain Britain punches him square in the nose.  But instead of your typical grandstanding posturing, these two quietly discuss terms of surrender.  Of course there is nothing but sarcasm on The Juggernaut’s end of this.  We pull back some distance to the sound of several light punches then POW!  Captain Britain is hurled miles from the fight with one powerful punch from the unstoppable Juggernaut.

Excalibur #3 December 1988

This was the first few pages of Excalibur #3.  This comic, more than any other, cemented my love for comic books.  Sure, I dabbled here and there in various superhero titles.  I had already been a big fan of Groo the Wanderer.  I read my share of Spider-Man.  I had already read the two part stunner that killed Gwen Stacy in a Marvel Tales reprint.  I picked up the occasional G.I. Joe comic.  But I never had anything that hooked me like this.

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